Radislav Kats, MTOM, AP, LAc ACUPUNCTURE and ORIENTAL Medicine Oriental   medicine   an   ancient   background,   tradition   and   system   of   natural   healing.   Oriental   medicine includes   different   schools,   philosophies,   approaches   and   therefore   different   ways   of   treatment.   However, they   all   base   on   restoring   balance   and   energy   flow   of   internal   organs   and   encouraging   the   body   natural abilities to fight any disease. In   these   days   Oriental   medicine   builds   reputation   of   one   of   the   most   popular   alternative   medicine   around the   world   and   has   been   successfully   treating   together   with   conventional   medicine.   It   is   able   to   treat   wide varieties   of   disease   from   common   cold   to   post-operative   and   chemotherapy   recovery.   In   fact,   Oriental medicine   one   of   the   major   preventive   and   rehabilitation   medicine   in   the   world,   which   successfully   works for adult as well as children. When   I   do   my   oriental   evaluation   and   diagnosis   of   the   patient,   I   also   like   to   see   other   doctor’s   evaluation, diagnosis   and   medical   records.   It   helps   make   a   right   and   individual   treatment   plan   for   the   patient.   In   my treatment   plan   I   always   try   to   include   herbal   therapy,   because   herbal   therapy   is   one   of   the   most   powerful part   of   Oriental   medicine.   Acupuncture   and   herbal   therapy   together   has   a   strong   affect   on   a   patients healing process. Remember everything is in God hands and I am here to make people happy and healthy and make them achieve a balance and harmony for their body, mind and spirit. God bless you all.
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